FREE Macrobiotic E-Books & Guides For A Sustainable Vegan Diet

Free Macrobiotic E-Books are being made available from my collection of previously published paperbacks, currently out of print.  The free e-books include e-books previously written for transitioning to and sustaining a healthy, balanced vegan, or (mostly) whole-foods, plant-based diet.

PLEASE NOTE:  Most of these books were written between 2011-2017.  Some minor edits were made to remove defunct links, and improve formatting.  Little else was changed from the original text, unless noted in [brackets.] Please pardon any errors, or defunct links I may have missed.

Some links in the Free Macrobiotic E-Books are for informational purposes, to make it convenient for reader to find some of the products.  Of these, some are affiliate links.  Any purchases made through my links helps support my work, and making these free macrobiotic e-books, and future e-books to come available, and are greatly appreciated!

How To Feel Great & Improve Your Health with a Macrobiotic Diet book cover

The first of my FREE Macrobiotic E-Books, How To Feel Great and Improve Your Health with a Macrobiotic Diet will be available July 2023.  

How To Feel Great & Improve Your Health covers all the basics of getting set up and started with a simple healthy diet based on macrobiotic and Asian principles of balance.  Kitchen pantry essentials, sample 7-Day meal plan and meal suggestions, recipes, tips, and charts to help you learn how to make the best choices for your needs, and self-heal.

Click here to get your copy.  You will be taken to another webpage to pay.  Simply fill in '0' or any amount you may choose to donate. 

Look for more Free Macrobiotic E-Books to come!