Chinese Five-Elements Energy Clearing - 
What is Involved

Chinese Five-Elements Energy Clearing is a specific style of Energy Healing that is organized around clearing the 'fields' associated with the Chinese Five-Elements ~ Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal ~ and their corresponding channels, organs, bodily systems, emotions, and related issues.

The primary focus of Chinese Five-Elements Energy Healing is to clear 'disturbing energy' that unwittingly accumulates causing a sense of distortion and disharmony within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

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The health of our physical body is contingent upon how we eat and live, and how we think and feel.  There are many influences affecting our health,  including stress, our emotional states, and all the 'food' we take in, whether physical or mental via the airwaves.

We have several energy bodies.  The physical body is the most dense.  All our energy bodies vibrate at various frequencies.  Just because we do not have a conscious sense of this does not make it any less important and impactful to our overall sense of well being!

What is a Chinese Five-Element Energy Clearing All About?

A Chinese Five-Element Energy Clearing helps clear distorted, disturbing energies that we pick up, whether from old unresolved traumas, unhealthy emotional states, and/or from negative energies of others that 'cling' to us like Velcro!  We don't have any idea this is happening, until we clear our energy, and notice how much more balanced, centered and peaceful we can feel!

To help understand the types of issues that may get cleared during a Chinese Five-Elements Energy Clearing, I've outlined what corresponds to each of the five elements, below.  

Whether you consider this literally, or metaphorically, it's ultimately our awareness of what types of emotions or energies we may be unconsciously holding onto that can be diminishing our vitality and health.  

To feel our best, we want to increase our vibration.  

To raise our vibration, we have to make sure we need to:

  1. Eat the right foods
  2. Think positively, and learn tools to manage negative thought habits and difficult emotions 
  3. Clear the residual energies from old, outmoded and limiting beliefs and stuck energies.  

The first two are best addressed during a VGL Holistic Health Coaching Session.  The third area is addressed during a Chinese Five-Element Energy Clearing.

The Chinese Five Elements

The following chart outlines the primary organs associated with each element, and their associated areas of influence, according to Chinese medicine.  Without going into detail, this chart is just to help identify how the Chinese Five-Element Energy Clearing is organized.  Note that the emotions associated with each element relate to the emotion that will throw the corresponding organs and systems out of balance.

The first 'field' cleared is a general clearing of all disturbing energies from others.


  • Kidneys & Urinary Bladder
  • Ears & hearing
  • Low-back, knees
  • Essence - whether we prematurely grey, or have degeneration of our teeth; premature ejaculation
  • Ancestral influences - kidneys associated with our constitutional Qi
  • Emotion of fear
  • Salty flavor
  • Winter season
  • Dark blue/black color
  • Good foods include: small, dark beans such as adzuki & black turtle beans, kidney beans, dark blue foods like black & blueberries, purple rice, miso & seaweed (salty foods)


  • Liver & Gallbladder (Read more)
  • Vision, eyes
  • Nervous system
  • Red sides of tongue indicate excess heat
  • Joints, tendons
  • Smooth flow of energy & blood
  • Menstrual & hormonal balance
  • Emotion of anger, including frustration, resentment & unforgiveness
  • Sour flavor; greens 
  • Spring season (See my Spring Diet articles for more)
  • Green color
  • Foods:  Greens!  More greens!! Citrus fruits


  • Heart & Small Intestine + Heart Protector & Triple Burner (2 channels without an associated paired organ system)
  • Blood, and blood pathways
  • Separation of 'pure' from 'turbid' fluids in the Small Intestine
  • Redness outlining whites of eyes can indicate heart disease
  • Red tip of tongue indicates excess heat/fire
  • Houses our 'shen' or spirit
  • Insomnia 
  • Passion, compassion ~ for self & others; self-trust, following our heart
  • Emotion - hysteria, overly excited
  • Bitter flavor
  • Summer season
  • Red color
  • Red berries, hawthorn & hibiscus teas, tomatoes, red foods & bitter greens (escarole, chicory)


  • Spleen, Stomach, Pancreas
  • Digestion, absorption ~ taking in the 'sweetness of life'
  • Flesh, musculature
  • Main body of the tongue ~ cracks, swelling, tongue body color and coating all indicate health of Earth element
  • Solar Plexus issues:  personal identity, professional identity, feeling a sense of belonging within a geographical area and a family / tribe; sense of power
  • Mother issues, nurturance, self-care
  • Emotion of worry, rumination, over thinking
  • Sweet flavor
  • Late Summer season
  • Yellow, yellow-orange color
  • Sweet foods, including and especially whole grains, root veggies, winter squash, orange colored fruits & vegetables


  • Lungs & Large Intestine
  • Skin
  • Body hair
  • Respiration - ability to take in fresh oxygen, dispel CO2; ability to receive inspiration
  • Ability to 'let go' of wastes, including toxic thoughts, items, people & energies, and what no longer serves us
  • Father issues - self-respect, security, higher purpose
  • Emotion of grief, sadness
  • Pungent flavor
  • Fall season
  • White color
  • Onions, scallions, radishes, turnips, ginger, summer squash daikon radish

Steps / What to Expect During a Five-Element Energy Healing 

The final steps in a Chinese Five-Elements Energy Clearing is to integrate and ground your energy, so your more clear energetic field can be anchored or set, and you feel more calm, peaceful, balanced and at peace.

While doing a Chinese Five-Element Energy Clearing, I will use a pendulum which simply helps me read when all that is ready to be cleared in that moment is cleared.

Your own Higher Self, and the divine energies assisting with healing help you clear.  My role is to 'listen' and 'feel' for whatever may be getting cleared that requires your awareness.  This will be like a repeat thought in my mind, for which I know I must share it with you.  I may not understand it, however, it's by the telling that the issue needing to be addressed can be made conscious to you.  That in itself is usually all that is needed for the release of any residual energies associated with that issue.

We will never know what all is being cleared.  It doesn't matter, however, some issues will matter.  Those are what come to my awareness to share with you, in as much of an unfiltered manner as possible.  In other words, I don't try to interpret from the lens of my life experiences, but rather share as precisely as it comes to me for you, the client to interpret.  I simply assist you with this process by sharing how it 'feels' to me.

The infinite wisdom of your own higher knowing will allow to clear what you are consciously and unconsciously ready to clear.  These clearings happen in layers.  Deeper layers will emerge when getting multiple sessions.  

We are continually being bombarded with disturbing energies.  The Chinese Five-Elements Energy Clearing is a great service we can use throughout our lives.  I can teach you how to start clearing disturbing energies yourself, for those interested.

Below is a chart outlining a sampling of the types of energies that get cleared, and an example of issues that may arise, or have arisen during sessions I have had with clients, including myself and my husband.

Colorful beans and legumes in jarsSmall beans, especially darker colored beans, like black beans nourish the Kidneys / water element
Tomatoes from the garden1Vibrant colorful tomatoes, high in lycopene, especially nourish the heart and cardiovascular system
Variety of whole grains in jarsWhole grains, foundational foods for healthy digestion, even energy and moods, and vibrant health - Earth element

What May Be Cleared During a Chinese Five-Element Energy Healing Session 


  • Anger, impatience of someone in a store; impatient clerk 
  • Negative encounters at work, with managers, co-workers
  • Discord with a spouse, family member
  • Negative thoughts and ill will or jealousy others have towards you (which may be somewhat unconscious to them)
  • Deliberate, gossipy behaviors and 'poison arrows' directed towards you
  • A fight that occurred in a room or area just prior to your being there, and/or former tenants of your home
  • Collective fears, including from news, media, television programming, movies, and lower vibrational music
  • Artificial intelligence and negative unseen energies


  • Old, unhealed traumas
  • Old emotional patterns
  • Stuck, negative mindsets
  • Feelings of not being happy with job
  • Lack of sense of purposefulness
  • Caretaking for others at cost of self-care
  • Old limiting beliefs
  • Grief around loss of spouse or loved one (sometimes a sense of profound love from the Spirit of that person will come through)
  • Clarity around obstacles holding back one's purpose and ability to communicate and share one's gifts
  • Negative or perceived negative energies / lack of support early in life from either or both parents; lack of being valued for who we are
Nature Sunflower Chicago

My hopes are that this outline will help those interested in receiving a Chinese Five-Elements Energy Clearing will better understand what comes up during these amazingly subtle, yet powerful energy healing sessions.

Once these distorted, disturbing energies are cleared, your entire life trajectory may change!  I've seen this happen several times as new job opportunities emerge, or a change in direction, new creative outlets, letting go of grief, and other profound changes have happened during these sessions.

Many people report feeling much more calm and at peace, and they experience better sleep following a session.

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