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Vegan Great Life Health Coaching is a synthesis of approaches drawing from my training and background in Chinese medicine, macrobiotics, and as a Certified A.S.A.T. Holistic C.O.R.E. Counselor and Educator, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  

What I am offering is unique, and not limited to macrobiotics, or dietary health coaching alone,  although it dovetails perfectly with the goal to enjoy a healthy, great life ~ which is what the term 'macrobiotics' actually means.  The art of living a long, great (macros) healthy life (bios.) 

Vegan Great Life Health Coaching helps you align with your inner, Divine Operating System (DOS), to help you MAP out the best choices for yourself that are most harmonious to your needs.  

My services also center around helping you transcend old templates, patterns and limiting beliefs that may be hindering your ability to achieve your health and life goals, and more consciously create a happier, more fun, magical, vibrant life.


Beautiful Black-Eyed Susan Yellow Flowers at Ansted Park in Temperance, MIBlack-Eyed Susans (I believe?) from Ansted Park, near Temperance, MI ~ Photo copyright of Tracy Matesz

What does Vegan Great Life Health Coaching Entail?

Vegan Great Life Health Coaching entails helping you determine the diet and lifestyle strategies that are most harmonious to your particular needs, and goals.  Whether you want to focus on weight loss, health improvement, and/or more steady, balanced energy and moods, we work together to help you achieve your ideals.

Perhaps you are looking for something more like a healthy life overhaul!

My primary life focus for much of my life has been to (finally) achieve my ideal body weight and body composition (for which I've finally come close!), overcome old limiting physical and mental / emotional patterns that caused me to feel stuck or dysregulated, and exude my true, inner sparkling radiance.  It certainly took time, but I remained persistent, and kept my eyes on the prize, something I tell my clients.  As a result of my experiences, I am better able to help others accomplish their goals, and let their true inner sparkling radiance shine as well.  Seems like what the world needs now, more than ever!

I think most people realize that physical, mental and emotional imbalances and issues constrain us from being able to pursuit our heart's desires.  It's hard to focus on achieving much when we are sick, in pain, or doubt our worthiness to enjoy a healthy happy life.  Being in poor health costs us a lot of money, time, energy and resources!  We don't want to be spending our time, money and energy just trying to feel good enough to get by.  We want to thrive!  

Hence, my Vegan Great Life Health Coaching approach focuses on the four following components:

Me doing chin-ups at our home gym, Summer 2023Doing chin-ups, home gym
Farmers Market Haul of Kale, Squash and more, Sept 2023Seasonal, locally grown fruits & vegetables
Me Straddle Split OutsideTraining outdoors, Scottsdale, AZ

The 4 Components of Vegan Great Life Health Coaching 


My Vegan Great Life Health Coaching approach is based on 4 main components, the first three of which are common among standard macrobiotic practices.

  • Eating and living in a manner that is as harmonious to personal needs.  What is optimal for each of us should also be reflected in what is most sustainable to the whole, as we are all connected.  When we live in harmony with Nature, and our true nature, and adjust our eating seasonally, while doing our best to favor more locally grown produce which is more highly perishable ~ as feasibly as is possible ~ we experience stronger immunity, and a greater sense of connectedness to Nature, the land, and our local and greater communities.  This in turn helps preserve natural resources for future generations.  And it fosters the spirit of cooperation, harmony, balance, and peace.
  • Centering one's diet around the concept of principal and complementary foods, choosing among those foods most suited (personally) to restore or maintain balance and vitality.  I discuss this in greater detail in my FREE E-books, How To Feel Great and Improve Your Health with a Macrobiotic Diet, and The Macrobiotic Action Plan, available soon.
  • A broad yet simple(r) understanding of universal principles of balance, and complementary opposites known as yin and yang ~ to make more intuitively elevated choices, and as a means of empowering self-healing.

  • My Vegan Great Life Health Coaching also uniquely focuses on bringing awareness to the interplay between what we eat, how we think, what we believe, our core values, and our spiritual orientation, or relationship with that which is greater than ourselves.  Pursuing our heart's desires IS a sign of being in good health, as opposed to something we can finally do when we are in good health ~ which often never comes until we adopt the right operating system!


Linguini with Veggie-Rich Marinara Sauce, Collard Greens and Fresh Baked Bread with XVOO & Nutritional YeastWhole Grain Linguini with Marinara Sauce, using a mix of store bought sauce, no-salt tomato sauce, and lots of veggies comes together quite quickly, yet is nearly made from scratch. Fortified with plant protein makes this a meaty, SASSY meal!
Breakfast Porridge with StrawberriesPorridge for breakfast provides great fuel to start your day. Easily fortified with more protein, topped with fresh or frozen fruit, nuts, seeds, or your favorites. There are many grains that can be combined for variety, including Protein Oats, steel cut oats, rolled oats, barley flakes, white whole wheat, buckwheat, spelt, rye and more.
Tofu Scramble with Greens, Air Fried Potatoes & TJ's Whole Wheat English MuffinTofu Scramble is super SASSY ~ great paired with greens, leftover air-fried potatoes, and a Trader Joe's Whole Wheat English Muffin (topped here with sprouted sunflower butter.)

What Makes Vegan Great Life Health Coaching Unique?

While most health coaching focuses solely on helping  you achieve your weight loss and health goals, my Vegan Great Life Health Coaching is geared to helping you feel your best, while also addressing any mental, emotional or energetic blockages or distractions that keep you feeling stuck.  In many situations, this essential missing component can mean the difference between achieving your goals, as opposed to potentially falling short.

My ultimate desire is to help you learn ways to self-heal, and even transcend the need (or mindset of needing) to heal.  Rather, I think it's time for all of us to realize the power of our minds, and more consciously create our desired life outcomes ~ personally and collectively!  

I teach you empowering tools that you can apply, and likely will need to apply for the rest of your life!  We are constantly growing and learning, and moving the goal post forward.  However, once you learn the right tools, and get aligned with your Divine Operating System, you will be able to better manage whatever life throws your way, without getting derailed.

What my husband, Don, and I are most passionate about is full realization of the Self, or God force within, by living in harmony with the Divine in all life.  As Jesus is purported to have said in the New Testament, "Narrow is the way that leads to life, and few find it."  It's not hard to find, it's not even hard to follow, providing we get out of our own way.

The challenge is staying on it, unplugging from all the distractions, and going against the herd!  To paraphrase Jesus's teachings, what does one gain by being loved by the world?  Well, nothing of lasting value.  Certainly not sparklingly radiant health!

The more integrated and aligned you are with the Divine Will for your life, the more productive, confident, happy, and in control of your life you will feel. 

Sadly, many of us are so busy and preoccupied, we feel as though we have just enough energy to deal with whatever is right in front of us.  Yet, wouldn't spending time feeling energized doing what you love be more enjoyable than constantly feeling fatigued?   I think so.  

Scratch that, I know so, as I've been down that road of going against myself, and ignoring the needs of my body.  And, it lead to extreme fatigue and an exhausted, weary spirit.  

I've worked hard to correct this, overcome limiting patterns, and live my most illuminated life.  From where I stand now, I can tell you, it's SO worth it!  

I never want to promise anything I can't deliver, as I value honesty.  However, I can confidently say, I certainly know enough to help you get started as well.  I've learned from my mistakes, as much as all that expensive training!  Probably more!  (Learn more About Me.)

"The more harmonious we can live with the patterns of change in the universe the healthier we will be."
~Prince Wen Hui's Cook, Chinese Dietary Therapy, by Bob Flaws and Honora Wolfe

Getting started with Vegan Great Life Health Coaching

Vegan Great Life Health Coaching inspires living in greater harmony with nature, and your true nature.  My desire is to help you become more confident in your own ability to self-heal, by making more  empowering choices, and  by helping you unplug from the old templates and programming of the inferior, default operating systems of the 'world of affects' and align with YOUR Divine Operating System, or DOS. (Look for my book about this to come!)

Our DOS helps us remain clear minded and grounded ~ no matter what may be going on in the world ~ while learning to trust our intuition when making choices, whether for what to eat, or how to navigate our lives.

AT its very core, it's about (re)learning how to trust and act upon our deep inner knowing and divine guidance, to more fully embody the love, light, and wisdom of our true, spiritual essence.  

Interested in learning more?  Contact me to discuss if Vegan Great Life Health Coaching or any of my services would be a good match for you, or check out my books and FREE e-books linked below.

Self starter, or on a budget?  Check out my book, The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan, Your MAP to Overcome Obstacles and Realize Your Dreams to learn the foundational steps you can take on your own to get from where you are (Point A) to where you want to be (Points B, C and beyond) in a simple, enjoyable 10-step process.  I'll be organizing an in-persona and/or online group focusing on going through this process sometime in 2024.  Be sure to subscribe to be alerted!

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  • By improving the quality of mental, physical, and spiritual 'food' we consume on a daily basis, we can improve our physiology, our psychology, and our judgement.  
  • Unplug from all the negative programming, and situations or people that drain your energy! 
  •  Learn to say, "NO!"

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