Reiki FAQs

These Reiki FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) was originally prepared for Reiki Classes I taught sometime between  2015-2018.  I share a brief explanation about Reiki in this article, along with more commonly asked questions about receiving a Reiki healing.  

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What is Reiki?

Rei =The cosmic or universal & ki/qi/chi/mana = life force.  The cosmic or universal life force that flows through and animates all life.  Reiki is the abundant, unlimited energy available that can be powerfully channeled and directed through the Reiki practitioner to anything he/she chooses to focus on.   It is based on intent.  Nothing will be effected that is not open.  Permission is not necessarily needed, and no harm can ever be done by using this system.  It is a very safe, revitalizing, simple, and subtly powerful form of healing.  It can be used on anything, from people to pets, to news events, nature, etc.

More Health & Reiki FAQs

Here are a few basic Reiki FAQs people have about the Reiki Energy Healing process, and what it means to be spiritual, and how we define health and disease.

Do I, or my clients, need to believe in it for it to be effective? No

What is meant by the term ‘spiritual?’  Very simply, Dr. Hart, founder / creator of Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling and the American Society of Alternative Therapists ( explains 'spirituality' as the personal relationship between you, and that which is greater than you.

How do we define ‘health?’  Many people define health as the absence of disease.  Ivan Rados explains health as “a natural process that flows from consciousness, whereas illness is unnatural and results from unconsciousness.  Illness is an indication that we are in some measure separated from our source.”

What is disease?  I have come to explain disease as dis-ease.  Any part of us that is in resistance to our natural energy flow, and our life experiences.  Dis-ease is a state of accumulating tension from this lack of flow.  The lack of flow can be created by physical, mental, and emotional behaviors, typically in resistance to accepting our true essence, and natural divine state of being.  It occurs from our beliefs in being dis-connected from our source.  

Are we healing our clients when we use Reiki?  If not us, then who is doing the healing?  How do we define healing, and is it something that can be measured?  Nobody ‘heals’ anybody.  We must awaken to our natural healed state, by reconnecting to our true divine source.  Each of us is connected to and part of a universal consciousness, or energy, and have a spiritual source.  We are physical beings and we are spiritual beings.  When we live without recognition of this, then we live from our thoughts, and our ego takes control and tells us what is and what isn’t.  But this is limited, and is based on beliefs, not the dynamic unfolding and expanding truth of who we really are.  We heal when we are centered in our source, in the eternal now and oneness of all life.

How do we know that Reiki is ‘working?’  There can be many ways.  Most often, people report feeling more calm, at peace, centered, and relaxed.  Some clients may visualize color or light, or feel subtle sensations.  You may just ‘know.’  Many things come up following a Reiki session or attunement.  It can include flu like symptoms, increased or changed elimination patterns, old emotions resurface to be resolved, things that were important no longer are, what you thought you were interested in may change, what ever isn’t working in your life will come up for debate.  That is when things get really fun!  Even if nothing is immediately felt, the trajectory of your life is changed, for the better, as new opportunities arise.  Anytime you elevate your consciousness, and harmonize your energy, you become more aligned with your most illuminated life path.

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FAQS for Reiki Practitioners 

What can I do if I am feeling tired or drained after performing Reiki sessions for others?
Wash your hands in cool water up to your elbows.  Get out in the sun.  Go to  a park, and if possible, sit on the ground under a tree.  Go barefoot in the grass.  Take a shower.  Light incense, candle, or sage.  Rest.  Do a self-scan, self-healing.  Ask for your own guides/higher self for a healing.  Breath in emerald green for healing, aqua blue for clearing.  Purple for peace.  Gold for your higher wisdom.  Orange-red to clear out negative energy, or bring in vitality if feeling very low energy.  Get up and move around.   Affirm that all energies being cleared during a Reiki session are brought to the appropriate level of light, or sent into the Earth for recycling into fertilizer for new growth.

Can I do Reiki for someone at a distance who doesn’t know I am doing it, or do I need to get their permission first?  Getting permission is best, however, you can always give Reiki.  Nothing will be received that that person is not open to receiving, and it will never be of harm.   You can coordinate with the receiver so they at least know what time you may be sending energy, or, do while they are sleeping.

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The Five Reiki Principles

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Just for today I will not worry.
Just for today I will not be angry.
Just for today I will do my work honestly
Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

  1. Just for today, do not anger – Unexpressed emotions blocks energy flow; Anger = past
  2. Just for today, do not worry – Depletes energy, takes you out of the moment; Worry = future
  3. Honor your parents, teachers, and elders – Respect for ancestors, personal heredity; karma
  4. Earn your living honestly – Do the least possible harm; find satisfying and meaningful work sharing your unique gifts and experiences in loving service
  5. Show gratitude to every living thing- What you sew is what you shall reap; abundance & happiness source in gratitude and contentment for what you have, and who you are ~ NOW ~ and realizing that your natural state is ABUNDANCE, you need only look forward to your eternal reality reflecting this internal truth!