Vegan Energy Healer Services 
Including Reiki for our Animal Companions

My Vegan Energy Healer Services are a unique synthesis of Reiki and a Five-Element Energy Clearing that focuses on clearing energetic disturbances and (re)harmonizing one's energetic systems, organized according to the 5-Elements.  

All of my Energy Clearing and Re-Harmonizing sessions ~ including Reiki for our animal companions ~ are available in person (currently in Temperance, MI) or at a distance.  

While I am a certified Reiki Master and Teacher, my energy healing is highly intuitive, and focuses on helping you feel more like you are meant to feel ~ more light and expanded, calm yet energized, and more centered and at peace.  (Read more about my credentials.)

Better said, you will finally feel like yourself ~ how you are meant to feel!

Iris flowerIris flower, photo copyright of Tracy Matesz

Why Makes My Vegan Energy Healer Services Unique?

I have been practicing a variety of energetic healing modalities for decades ~ including Reiki, acupuncture, massage, hypnotherapy, Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling, intuitive channeled readings, and others.  

I spent years doing a lot of inner work to face my shadows, and clear away obstacles to allowing my own light to shine, after many years of feeling like it nearly went out.

And, I am a vegan.  A Vegan Energy Healer.

Throughout the last few decades, I have had many extraordinary experiences.  My most profound 'ah ha' moments happened most recently, after my husband and I returned  'home to our hearts' and a vegan / plant-based macrobiotic diet.  

I went through many dark nights of the soul, all of which have helped me better understand what others are going through, and how to hold space, with love and compassion.

More than that, once we gave up animal foods, we realigned our values and actions with our heart ~ and our Divine Purpose.

After years of experience ~ with both energy healing, and a variety of diets ~ there is no doubt in my mind that my sensing 'apparatus' is far more clear, open, receptive, and harmoniously aligned when abstaining from animal products.  These beliefs have been echoed through time by many great spiritual leaders.  

Animal foods are dense, heavy, and clogging to the system.  Even in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, animal foods are used therapeutically for those in very weakened conditions.  The majority of Americans are not dealing with conditions of deficiency!

Animals endure extreme stress, especially during slaughter, whether they were raised free range / organically, or not.  The hormones released during their slaughter, along with the residual fear and stress are transmitted to the unwitting consumer.

During our low-carb / 'Hypercarnivore' Diet Daze, I deluded myself into believing I was more spiritual, yet I was wrong!  This is why I now find it important to distinguish myself as someone who is a natural healer type (whether I consciously chose to be, or not!), who is also a vegan, for those vegans ~ and others ~ who may feel better knowing.  

Whether or not you are ready to go vegan, you can rest assure that my Vegan Energy Healer Services will be as safe, pure and as uplifting and enlightening as possible.  I do not judge, nor discuss diet during Energy Healing Sessions, unless guided by Spirit to do so.  

Please note, I am not knocking anyone offering quality healing services, no matter what their diet!  I am setting myself apart for the minority of people who may prefer, like I often have, to receive healing from a fellow qualified vegan energy healer or health practitioner ~ which sadly, has been hard to come by.  

As an HSP, and an empath, I know that everything is energy.  What we think, do, and take in of food ~ including the energy of the food itself ~ shapes our physical vehicle.  If we really want to shine, we need to respect our body temple, and take appropriate measures, even when it requires making lifestyle changes.  

If interested in learning more about how to create and sustain a healthy, SASSY ~ Super Affordable, Simple, Satisfying & YUMMY ~ vegan diet, please also check out my Vegan Health Coaching Services.  And keep an eye on my FREE Ebooks at the top Nav menu.

By the way, my Vegan Energy Healer Services extends to your animal companions as well!

Me holding adorable black and white kitten at a family gathering
Calves suckling in separate holding pens

What else do I need to know about your Vegan Energy Healer Services?

My Vegan Energy Healer Services are more difficult to explain, easier to experience.  That said, even those who have experienced my style of Energy Healing find it easier to explain how they feel afterwards, even if they don't fully understand what happened, or why they can feel so different!

To start with explaining my Matesz Macrobiotics Energy Healing Services, you may want to read my articles:

My particular style of Energy Healing hones in on clearing any unseen disturbances to your energy field, then restoring your more natural, peaceful, pristine state of being.  

Because most of us are in continual states of stress, or carry around pent up emotions, grief, and other baggage, we really have no idea how good, and more light  we can and should feel!  

Imagine feeling a big weight lifted off your shoulders, and more calm, free and at peace than you have in a long time.  That's what I wish for you to experience.  It may be immediate, or take several sessions.  But it is not only possible, it's natural ~ even if not our 'normal' way of feeling and operating.

In a more harmonious, peaceful state, we are more able to receive divine inspiration, and feel at one with all life.  

What led you to offering Vegan Energy Healer Services?

Don and I at the Tempe, AZ Zen Center glowing after a long meditation retreatDon & I in the glow after a 12 hour meditation retreat

I believe my training in Chinese medicine, macrobiotics, and ongoing meditation practices has helped me gain insights into how the body compensates for whatever we are not appropriately processing, mentally and physically.  

Eastern systems of healing are more holistically integrated, with the psychology and physiology being seen as one interconnected system, each affecting the other.

At one point, many years back, I realized that I had the hallmark traits of one who has a more highly wired nervous system, (also referred to as a Highly Sensitive Persons, or HSP), something that at times has been challenging to manage.  In fact, I often felt that being an HSP (which I didn't even know was a thing much of my life) and my highly empathic nature to be a curse.  

Over the years, my life experiences and training helped me to channel my intuition, perceptiveness, and empathic, highly sensitive nature into a gift of healing.  My year of Zen Buddhist meditation, and ongoing meditation practice helps me to still my mind, and deeply listen to what messages or sensations I am guided to attend to during each session.  

I also believe that because I have done so much inner work on myself, I am able to keep the internal guidance ~ and more importantly, my expression or transmission of what comes up ~ as pure as possible, free of personal filters and projections.  This is so important, and what distinguishes a good energy healer from one who is less refined at their craft.

Early spring flowers at Mrs Stokes Park in Hillsdale, Mi
Double Rainbow
Fall leaves

5-Element Energy Clearing

My Vegan Energy Healer Services ~ in part ~ organizes sessions according to the ancient Taoist, or Chinese Five-Elements Theory.  While knowledge of this is not essential for the client, it can be quite useful in helping understand patterns of disharmony within the body, and related emotional states.

We really have no idea just how much is effecting our health.  Disturbing energies from others can be absorbed, and stick to us as if on some invisible velcro.  Unresolved emotions, grief, frustrations, and contentious relationships effects our organ systems or areas of our body, according to the Chinese Five Elements.

This is just one way to focus an Energy Healing session, which I have found to be very useful and accessible to all. 

During a Five-Element Energy Healing Session, I tune-in, with the intent to clear disturbing energies in each of the areas of the body as they correspond to the five elements.  I actually do not 'do' any clearing.  I tune in, and listen.  Your own higher knowing, and the Universal Divine Knowing ~ healing energies accessible to all ~ does the clearing.  

The Five Elements Energy Clearing can be a session unto itself.  

For my in-person clients, and those at a distance who desire the full enchilada, I also follow up the Five Elements energy scan or clearing with what I refer to as an energy harmonizing experience.  

I 'feel' the energy patterns, and move my hands (or do this mentally / visually for those at a distance) as if in a dance with the energy fields, until a more harmonious state is restored.  At this point, I no longer feel or sense an active movement of energy, and instead feel a calm stillness and peace.

How to get started with my Vegan Energy Healer Services

If interested in receiving an Energy Healing Session, or any of my Holistic Healing Services, check out the following links: