Vegan Great Life Holistic Healing Services

Vegan Great Life Holistic Healing Services includes Vegan Great Life Health Coaching, Hypnotherapy combined with Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling, and Energy Healing services, including Reiki, for humans and animals, and my  unique blend of 5-Elements Energy Clearing and (Re)Harmonizing, and Transformational Energy Healing (part of the Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling sessions.)

All Vegan Great Life Holistic Healing Services are designed to help you overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, and more consciously create your most joy-filled, illuminated life.

Most of the VGL Holistic Healing Services are available by email, phone, and/or via a live video phone call for those on Apple devices, Zoom, or other video chat arrangement as needed.  

I currently see clients locally on Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Retreat Cupping & Massage in Temperance, Michigan.

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Vegan Great Life Holistic Healing Services 

Vegan Great Life Holistic Healing Services are offered 'by the session', with a first session typically being longer than follow-up sessions.

I keep my sessions reasonably priced to be able to offer support to a wider range of people, beyond just those with ample disposable income.  Local, in-person session prices may vary.

Healing is a natural process, as our true spiritual state of being is whole, glorious, beautiful and in a divinely harmonious state ~ not needing to be healed.  Given the right 'raw materials' our body will always seek to restore homeostasis and a healed state.

That said, our physical vehicle and our mental / emotional bodies get fragmented and worn out.  Stress, fear and anxiety wears us down, causing poor moods, insomnia, digestive issues and a myriad of other conditions.  Many people ~ especially women ~ are living in a continual state of fight, flight, or freeze without realizing it.  The adrenaline released when facing a real emergency causes parts our higher brain centers to shut down, as blood flows to our limbs to help us 'escape the threat.'  Over time, our nerves get frayed, and it gets harder to feel normal.  

Our diet exacerbates this.  Consuming animals who are under extreme duress at the time of slaughter also release adrenaline, and this ~ along with an entire cocktail of chemicals and toxins ~ gets passed on to the consumer of these  foods.

Having way too much direct experience with this, I hope to help other 'ex vegans' and those who are ready to get off the 'gerbil wheel' of struggle, stress, anxiety, depression, and all around dis-ease of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  An alarmingly large percentage of women ~ and younger adults and even teens ~ are now taking anti-depressants and other medications for their inability to cope or fit into a society that isn't worth trying to fit into!  I personally believe a lot of this is avoidable, beginning with a change of diet, and ultimately, a change of heart.

A coach or mentor helps light our way, illuminates our blind spots, offers support, keeps us accountable, and prepares us for any possible resistance, self-sabotage, or 'healing crisis' that typically arises as soon as we determine we want something greater for ourselves, and our lives.

While each person is unique, and will respond to different protocols differently, there are certain aspects of the healing process that are common to all.  

The ego mind will resist making positive changes.  The body and mind are often at odds with each other.  The body is more tamasic, or lazy, and seeks comfort.  The mind is rajasic, or fiery, and always racing.  Some parts of you may desire something greater, other parts may fear change.  

To heal requires harmonious integration of all one's various aspects and parts.  Left on our own, it is easy to become distracted, and find excuses to give up on our goals.  This is where having a coach or guide helps.

Read on for details, or Contact Me to schedule.

Cats on the bed, Nellie and CrookA family of cats left behind when one of their owners passed, and the wife was moved out of town. Nellie, the momma cat on the bed with daughter Crook, and son, Hazel the handsome tiger striped cat in the cubicle.
Cats Nellie, Crook, Hazel 2023
Cat in cubicle, Hazel

Who is the ideal candidate for Vegan Great Life Holistic Healing Services?

While I may have put a lot of time, money, training and resources into learning how to overcome obstacles, feel my best, and help others do the same, I acknowledge that our culture as a whole does not prioritize health.  The more you know about how our system operates, the more obvious this becomes.  

Quite simply, a bottom-line, profit-driven, institutionally-oriented system thrives on the masses being in poor health, and reliant upon their expensive medicines and procedures.

Therefore, my ideal client has at least some awareness of the forces that can confuse and distract us from our right path, and is open, willing, and committed to making lasting changes.  

Most importantly, the person that will be the best match for working with me will know, or have some nagging hunch, that things aren't quite right, or who desire something more.  Something better.  Something that makes more sense, intuitively.

The ideal client for my Matesz Macrobiotics Holistic Healing Services will be willing to self-reflect, and question everything, including one's own long-held beliefs.  In a nutshell, someone willing to just show up to their lives, let go of what no longer serves, and lighten up, from the inside-out.

Does this sound like you?  Awesome!  I can't wait to connect!

Take a gander at my very reasonable rates and packages, and contact me to schedule a session, or a free 15 minute consultation to determine which ~ if any ~ of my Vegan Great Life Holistic Healing Services would be right for you.

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Vegan Great Life Holistic Healing Services, Timing & Fees

  • Vegan Great Life Health Coaching / (Plant-Based + Macrobiotic Diet Consultations)
  • Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling  + Guided Visualizations
  • Energy Healing / 5-Element Energy Clearing + Reiki (for humans)
  • Reiki for animals
  • First sessions ($90.00) - Typically around 90 minutes, longer if needed.
  • Follow-up sessions ($65.00) - Around 60 minutes (+/-)
  • Animal Reiki - sessions around 30 minutes +/- with time to discuss anything as needed ~ Introductory offer for $35 suggested donation for Animal Reiki

Vegan Great Life Holistic Healing Services seeks to help those interested to experience greater vitality, harmony and peace, by helping elevate our choices, eat a more life affirming diet, and live more authentically and harmoniously with the truth of who we are and our heart's deepest desires.  

It's been my life's mission to accomplish these very qualities, and more, myself, while achieving my ideal body weight and composition, and enjoying greater freedom and flexibility, mentally emotionally and physically.  Why would I desire anything less, for myself or anyone else?  We all deserve to thrive.  And we can, when we realize how to program our lives for success, rather than continue to go against ourselves.

Vegan Great Life Holistic Healing Services - Package Deals

  • I highly suggest a 5-session package to get the best results.  This would be the longer first session, with 4 follow-up sessions.  Prepay $305 in advance, and save $30 off my already affordable rates!  This brings the price down to $60 per session + $5 processing fee.  Local clients can receive an additional $5 discount for cash payments.
  • A 5-session package can be paid in 2 installments for $310, a $25 savings.  $205 due by the first session, balance of $105 due by the 3rd session.
  • Looking for my first 10 volunteers to participate in my first ever 10-Step Program, following the outline of The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan, with additional methods to help each participant achieve an important goal, whether to gain something new, or let go of something that no longer serves, including excess weight!  This will be 10 sessions in 10 weeks, completed in 3 months, for ONLY $100!!!  (+ $5 processing fee) LEARN MORE.
  • 5-Session Packages should be completed in 3 months, and expire after 6 months.  
  • If you decide to stop after the third session, no further amount is due.  Regular rates of $75 for the first session + $65 for follow-ups, totaling $205 apply.
  • I am available by text or email to answer quick questions, or offer support if difficult emotions arise through completion of the package, and three months following.  Brief follow-up sessions can be arranged at a special price.
  • For those desiring focused Energy Healing Services, but on a tight budget, briefer sessions are available for $65 for the first 60 minute session, and $50 for follow-ups, usually 45-50 minutes.  Pre-pay for 5 Sessions for $250.
  • Multiple Animal Reiki Sessions are also available, pre-paid for $30 per session for 3 or more sessions.